Wednesday, January 29, 2014

From one little perspective to another

I recently visited my favorite guy in the world, Avery.  He's three.

He's funny, engaging and knows how to dance.  He's cute, curious and says some hilarious things.

I love how kids will say the funniest things in innocence.  If they only knew what they were asking, or wanting to know they wouldn't say so much.

Avery is a non-stop "why" chatterbox.  He entertains adults with stuff like this:

"Let's take care of that craaaazzzzzy face."

"I'm gonna kiss your head."

"Donuts make me go nuts."

"Maybe we should pray about this mom."  (When he's in trouble)

"I like sausage, it's a meat cookie."

"Sorry, I was texting."  (He's has his daddy's old iPhone.)

Living in Avery's curious world it reminds me of my own curious nature with my Father.

It was in his three-year-old conversations and questions that I saw myself.  Practically every conversation with another adult had these phrases:

"Mommy, I need you!" and "'Cause why?"

In his life in-between 3 and 30, I saw my life in-between my three and now.  Those moments of in-between, I have innocently riddled my Father with questions and injected daily my own "Cause why?" and "I need you!" pleas.  

It's from my curious perspective that makes me ask.  From my Father's perspective though, not everything is beneficial for me to know.

I have been a bit silent these days to listen to my Daddy's answers.

There's great wisdom to be had when you stop and take life in from the in-between scenes, authority to be trusted, faith to be exercised and greatness to be enjoyed, plus many great sunrises and sunsets reminders of God's grace.  

In my in-between questions about my life, God's voice has brought new beginnings, a new fresh wholeness to my spirit that was lifeless and curious.

A newness, a transformation, some closure, some fresh shoots of faith.

I found out the number eight is significant and means new beginnings.  Did you know that I prayed over the number eight all last year?

God saw my in-between place all last year.  He sees our questions, our longings, our wondering.  He sees our conversations to others and to ourselves.  He sees our faith, He knows our trust.

He sees my eyes of longing for my dreams.  He knows and sees what steps in-between I am making.  He sees the in-between.  And I have peace in times of in-between.

Peace and joy.  I dropped my long list of questions and will just plug into the silence of listening for His stillness in the in-between.  Because in my Father Presence, there is great wisdom to be had in the places where he causes your dreams to pause.  

Greatness for His greater plans are at work too.  

He sees and knows that I am still.  I am not forgotten, nor are you.

Psalm 46:10  "Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth." 

He sees you and knows you.  He longs for us to be still and know Him.  To know Him for who He is and not what He does for us.

God knows where to find us, when He wants to use us, for what He's put inside us.  ~ Steven Furtick

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