Thursday, April 17, 2014

Momma, what's a hobby?

Writing and sharing stories takes the brave part of me, it says no to the fear that haunts me. It comes from the part of my heart that feels so exposed once let loose.  Like a open target for Accuser's arrows.  But still...I am compelled to do this, I can't not do this.  

We do best what we are designed to do.  Nurturers nurture, it's our nature.  Moms will always mother.  Advocates help, they lend a tender hand and stand up and in for the weakened.  They give life to the voiceless.  We work hard at that.  We just do, it's what we do.  The God-artistry that stirs deep must be given to be celebrated, given, and grown.   

Your greatest ministry is usually birthed from your greatest weakness.

God is constantly moving His poetic voices, His masterpieces, His workmanship.  I understood this on a much deeper level the other day, when I watched a little girl named Claire color in some daffodils on a coloring page.  She was doing quite a colorful work filling in the spaces outside the lines.  She was having a mommy-daughter-coffee date with her one-year-old brother Warren.  I complimented her on use of crayolas and asked what her hobbies were.  

"Momma, what's a hobby?"  Her momma replied, "It's something you like to do, it makes you happy and you would do it because you love to create."

At that moment, God sent me wisdom about a prayer I had been praying recently. 

"That's what I have gifted you with, you are one of my "colors".  You have asked that I help you discover your dreams but you have not let me color outside your dream lines.  My dreams for you won't look like yours.  Don't try to understand my infinite plans with your finite mind."  

I stood still to fight back the tears.  God listens as our hearts dreams.  

The little blonde silently responded to her query by continuing to color outside the lines in her picture.  I secretly giggled.   I didn't share the story from my Kindergarten days when I was so intent on coloring a picture just right.  I took so much time doing it, I got into trouble and missed recess when I continued to color outside the lines on George Washington's wig.  I wanted it perfect for my momma's refrigerator.

I was nurturing my craft then, and sometimes now I get a little discouraged when I watch over the words that God has spoken into my life spill that outside the lines of where I think they should be.  But God wasn't done speaking..."Don't be discouraged when I take your words outside of your dream, you were meant to my speak a heart voice for my glory.  Your dream won't look like those I've written for others.  You are uniquely created with my imprint.  Giving your dream a timeline, doesn't let Me color My perfect timing in it.  Color with finesse, a fine fit inside the lines I have designed for you."

Again, I stood speechless at what He was speaking.  Jesus, you are the keeper of my dreams.

My eyes started  brimming with excitement.  I looked at her curly-colored perspective and as she filled in the daffodils with a light pink, God was filling in my heart with His artistry in a deeper, most spiritual way.  He was giving value to the words affirmed in my heart.

One's design, makeup, fabric, organic make-up or just plain old good crafty works are fine arts that needs to be shared and used to color the next person's perspective.  God watches over His works as they go out and as it comes back, fluid and flows, ebbs and draws, constantly growing.

When I think about how God started all life, with a spoken words, with just His voice designing us with a few life-words...then I can trust the Life-Source that compels me to write His words about life.  And I can, trust His timelines, after all He created that too.

The Lord said to me, “You have seen correctly, for I am watching to see that my word is fulfilled. Jeremiah 1:12  

The Giver of life watches to see that His words, take root, and grow us towards His intentions and the dreams He has for us.  I am taking this truth literally and applying them my dream.

May I always color your world with grace stories of God's love and truth as God colors our dreams.
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