Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Do you want it?

If you have been living with an addiction to food, drugs, alcohol, lust or whatever the struggle, you know that this life can be somewhat disheartening.  And the longer you struggle with a problem, the longer it persists, the more discouraged we become.

It challenges our faith.

It seems that daily our chronic problems become bigger...or never fade. Maybe this is just the life God has designed for us. We tend to give up, and give into our weaknesses and don't see a way out.  There are road blocks galore.

To add insult to our injuries, the more excuses we make the more discouragement amps it's voice.  Every thing, everyone, is against us. Excuses, shame, guilt, shame, excuses, and more guilt.

It's a broken record of our life.  The more days you tolerate the more you are sucked into the lie of the familiar Accuser's voice.  If one more bad things happens you just might lose it!  It might be time to let God turn the table around for our true heart's desire.  

"You can't change what you are willing to tolerate."  Craig Groeschel.  

How often have we've learned to accept the guilt, the shame, the circumstances that seem plague us every day?  We secretly suffer in the Christian life thinking that the good life is just for that other "believer" who has it all together.  

Dear defeat, please meet my Overcomer, Jesus.

We must want the kind of faith that depends on Christ, to leave the familiar lies, those that cast doubt as is the biggest enemy or an even bigger trap, the familiar.  The longer we are stuck in the familiar, the more we need to have faith that God is working for us, not against us.  

We have to do our part too in believing God for who HE says He is.

Is your desire is bigger than your disability?  God can still move in your life, even if it's been a while, like 38 years. It doesn't matter how long you've been down, by the power of Jesus, you can overcome.

Do you really want it? If you want it bad enough you can have desire to want to change. With the power and hope in Christ, we are not out of the fight. What is your greatest misery can now become your greatest ministry. But know this about God, His healing won't come as expected.

I know this personally as I used to look to food for comfort.  Then one day I lost hope to ever losing weight.  I asked God to be my comfort instead of food.  He answered my prayer that day by putting my hands on the stones of belief.  The Spirit helped to roll away the lies that had been holding me back.

God is my comfort and strength when I want to eat every piece of chocolate man has made.  I've lost 132 lbs to prove God's grace in me and through me.  I believed God when HE said that He would take care of my needs as my good Shepherd.  I  believed him when He said that He even looks after the lilies of the field, and the birds of the air.  I believed that He would take care of my food needs in a way that was healthy and pleasing to Him.

I believed God for who he was, not just for what He could do for me.  I am not enslaved to food anymore and am walking in the freedom of looking to my Comforter each and every day I want more.  

When you believe God for who He is, that's a game changer.  I want what God's best is.  Once you roll away those lies, you can see where your help comes from.

Ask God to do what only HE can do. Are you looking to yourself for something that only God can do in you? Take a step of faith forward, pick up your faith, and look to Jesus to give you the healing you need, the kind that can only come from God. The healing your soul longs for.

God is a mystery. It’s not that He doesn’t want you to know these things, it’s that He wants you to get close to Him and find out so that He can teach you. When you get close enough and quiet enough, He’ll whisper a secret to your heart and it will change your life.

In that moment, all your fear will be gone. Ask God to speak to you today.   We can all begin anew, God wants to help you but have to want HIS help to get it.

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