Friday, May 9, 2014

Spring is in the air

A little bit of spring walked into my morning as nature's kind and thoughtful statement.  I sat still to absorb it all.  In my arms, lay a two-week old baby.  And God spoke to me.

How often does God speak to us?  As often as we are willing to listen.  But what does God sound like?

I looked out across flower topped trees, the block was ablaze with blooms and bees buzzing.  The wind whipped my hair against my face.  The sun beat down and warmed my skin.  I love Spring and the new freshness it brings to my mind and spirit.

Everywhere I look it is show time.

There is so much growth after a long winter's night of being still, a stirring of life, enthusiasm, and passion. Spring shows up and shows off, brim full of all things lovely.  Her attitudes are just are down-right contagious.  I love watching the evolving of nature's landscape as if the Creator holds back the hands of time for the exact moment in which the buds burst forth towards the sky, reaching to the heavens.  For a few calm days, spring can be quite lovely.  So it is with our spiritual growth.

New life, spring, growing, feels all warm and cuddly like a sleeping two-week old baby. Our spring is not an interruption but a continuation.

Spring is both a noun and a verb.  The season really shows evidence of germination, a gestation period and a resting or a seed coming to life.  A birthing of life, with a fresh spirit, budding, barking bright and brilliant.  Life blooms purple and pink to bring such brilliant hues to our views.  Sunrises to greet us good morning and blazing dusty sunsets tuck end our active days.

Creation responds with blooms that have been safely harbored under cover till their creative clocks tick tick around the block.  I'm a big fan the way God puts His signature on nature.  Noticing life inspires me to notice the works of God, He gives us everything and gives life to everything. When creation exhales beauty I feel God's rich breath of newness in my spirit.  Clean, fresh and oh so spic-and-span.

There are days when our faith journeys look just nice and neat.  

Spring is a verb.  I think about the unseen growing and shifting in the seemingly dead seasons of our spiritual growth.  There's the mysterious workings of the Spirit, to reveal divine evidence at just the right time.  Our lives are marching towards an eternal timeline.  In the holy undercover work, there seems to be a constant discovery, dependency and dispensing of God's grace and mercy.  

Life's interruptions are really a continuance of His Love.  Spring reminds me of God's generosity of grace that grows my spiritual life.

When winter rests on our hearts I tend to dwell on God's purpose in the pausing.  It's His time of my deeper divine design.  Everyone, everything, needs a time to revive it's purpose, restoring roots.  All created things need a recharge, resetting or sometimes even a brand new fresh start.  A letting go so new can be pushed through.

A letting go of something to show something.  A holy exchange.  And from somewhere near and far we are all silently singing..."Let it go, let it go...."

"Let God grow in my soul.  Have Your way Lord.  Oh Holy Spirit you are welcome here.  Come flood this heart with your atmosphere."

How many times have we felt stuck in our shame and guilt to feel absolutely paralyzed and suffocated from our past?  Those will-dos and should-haves keep us planted in our weak natures and compromise our intentions and goals towards our future.  

Letting go, forgetting and forging forward is evidenced in our spring growth.  

We have to allow God to restart our cold hearts about a dream or passion that lays buried deep within or just unshaped by our attitudes.  We have to allow God access to our hearts to change our heart.  

God not only wants our availability, He wants our accessibility.

Ezekiel 36:26  "I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you; I will remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh."

Spring is an holy exchange from our Artist who is ready to imprint a beautiful blueprint, something to linger in and on for His radiant maturing.  His springs are beautiful.

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