Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Talk about practice!

How do you do live a life that really matters?  How can our faith outlive our physical years?  

I can relate this discipline to my maintaining a weight loss of 132 lbs.  Now that I have succeeded at my goal, I want to maintain my goal weight.  So how do I do that?  I continue to make healthy lifestyle choices regarding food and exercise.  Now that I know have lived the difference, I want to practice what I know.  Even if there is still a part of me that just wants to cave to the comfort of a slice of cake, a heapin' scoop of ice cream, or a combination of both.  I have to practice healthy and right choices in my life every day.  

So it is with our faith, to live a life that will outlast we have to practice faith, live in the messiness of it it, and practice truth daily.  Day in, day out.  

The church that lives by faith, must be the church that lives, practices, and works the muscle of faith.  We work the muscle of our faith by living by faith that impacts the next generation, based on the principles of God's word.  

"We are called to unleash Christ-centered, Biblically anchored, world changers."  ~ Craig Groeschel.

How do we manage today's generation when we have so much information at our fingertips?  We have to measure the exposure of what the world teaches against what God's Word teaches.

"Walk with the wise and become wise, for a companion of fools suffers harm." Proverbs 13:20

I decided long ago to daily partake of study God's word, but I also have to let God's word study me.  That's how I apply my faith to my daily living.  I also have to act on what I know and practice what I read.  I choose to muscle my faith.  Living in a godly manner, applying God's truth to our lives, and letting the truth change our behavior is faith at work.  When faith makes a difference in our own world, it will spill out to impact the world around us.  It's intentional faithful living by practicing a surrendered faith-filled life God's way.

As we practice the disciplines of truth, we practice living a life of faith.  We become more consistent in worship, prayer, and can practice the power of the gospel so that we can pass more empowered faith to others we meet, and influence our family, our friends, and our communities.

We must be intentional in our faith, to live what we believe is true and practice what we believe from our faith in our forever faithful God.  His faithfulness outlasts, and His Spirit empowers an intentional faith in us.

You can hear a message on this here.

How have you seen your faith make a difference in the lives of those around you?

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