Tuesday, June 3, 2014

10,000 reasons

We know and have heard the worship song by Matt Redman "10,000 Reasons".  However there aren't really 10,000 reasons actually listed in the lyrics, it is a great reminder of who God is and what He has done.  The song is an easy sing when things are going right, but the first sign of trouble and praising God becomes one of the last things we think to do.

We forget what God has done for us because we don't remind ourselves of God's power until we run out of our own power.  One of the last things we remember to do while being hit with problems in life is to praise God for them.  How often do we do that?  We tend to present our needs before God and then grumble about His perfect timing in perfecting our problems don't we?

Notice I said perfecting the problems.  Many problems are of our own choosing, but some just happen.  What we do have, though, is a choice in how we to respond to problems when they hit fast, furious, slow, steady, or whenever and however they come.    

Praising God kicks the enemy's control over our thoughts to the curb.  Satan cant stand in the presence of praise for God, so he hits the skids and says..."it's a believer!  God's got that one!"

Okay that might have been just in my mind, but it's a great thought because I have found that when I resort to complaining in a bad situation, Satan invites his friends to join my pity party.  If I praise first, I don't have to send out any invitations to my fears.

Praising God unlocks God's power by releasing our trust to His immeasurable resources to meet our needs or problems.

Praise protects our peace that God is working for us and not against us.  Ex. 14:14
Praise is so powerful it can be a problem for your problem.

Ever felt low about yourself?  Praise Him for you fearfully and wonderfully made according to Psalm 139.

Don't like your reflection in the mirror?  Praise Him for it's not by your works you were saved, but by His grace.  Ephesians 2:8-9

Ever felt like you were doomed?  Praise God for raising Jesus from an empty tomb that over came death, and the sting of death is gone.  Read the Easter story in Luke.

Ever felt like the life's storms wouldn't stop hovering your life, praise God in the rain as He still reigns in your problem-filled days.  David recorded many stormy days in the Psalms.

Ever felt like you weren't enough?  We must let Christ increase and us decrease.  John 3:30.

The bottom line to praising God is that praise breaks the chains of sin, opens eyes of the blind, and sets the captives free.  Praising awakens our awareness of God's greatness.  Praise is our hearts response by our Creator's design from deep within our souls.

Praise releases God's grace upon those who have a need for it.

Praise overcomes your circumstances and problems, and helps lift your head when faith feels like it's going into a pit.  Praise overrides your feelings that dictate your life.  Praise reminds us of WHO He is by remembering His faithfulness,
of His holy wonder and awe, and that deepens our holy fear of our Creator over fear of man.  

We tend to forget what God can do and who He is in our life.  God can and will do more than we can even dream!  He is already done more than we give Him credit for.

He's going to do more than you think He's going to do. You are not just going to survive through your story, but He will give you more opportunities to use His story through you!!!!

Our position is to praise, we praise Him no matter where and let his faithfulness speak.  Let Him do the difference, the reviving, and the prospering.  Jeremiah 29:11

Praise turns your mess into a message.
Praise turns your test into a testimony.
Praise turns a victim into a victor.

Praise is so powerful that even those who have hurt you can help heal you.  Praise equips us to walk in God's will. 

Praise overcomes your preference - it lifts your face to see God's face in your problem.  Ps. 34.  Praise God we have problems, because we can experience God in many different ways, He is our Rescuer and loves to help when nothing else will.   Praise brings us near God's heart and we can experience His presence, even in our problems.

Praise lifts our hands and hearts to the heavens, and releases our worries, fears, and anxiety to the only one who can carry those burdens in His capable hands.

We live to worship God so WE don't forget He is.  We were built for this as His love carries us through.  Praise is our spiritual act of worship.  Romans 12:2.

And God's people said...Praise God!  To hear a great message by Carl Lentz of Hillsong Church, NYC click here.
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