Friday, November 14, 2014

I would be a bag of tears too

Jesus didn't concern himself about the celebration details, his grand entry, nor the what list it took to prepare for each man, woman and child to have a palm branch to wave.  He didn't concern himself with that matter.  Yet He was moved to show emotions upon His grand entry on the biggest week of his ministry.

I am moved by the Savior's emotions.  When He displayed emotions it's powerful and it speaks to His heart of compassion.  Jesus wept.  As he enters the city that was welcoming a King, His cheeks streamed with tears and they weren't tears of joy.

He was brokenhearted over the people who didn't get him, moved by those those who missed his purpose and didn't listen to his message.  He wept from his deep love for those whom he was about to die for.

He wept from the deep heart of the Father.  He cried for those who would be rejecting him, beating him, and putting the nails in his hands.  In my opinion, the biggest grace filled verse is the shortest shout from John 11:35.

This love strikes a deep cord in my soul with "Jesus wept."

Picture this, the disciples had traveled with them, Jesus had performed mighty miracles and given great and encouraging messages to believers and definitely shown his healing powers with many communities.  What stands out to me about his announcement at the beginning of a most intense and passion-filled week is that Jesus is deeply moved by his love to reach those who he knew were going to lead him to death.

Jesus is mourning.

"When will they get it?"
"When will they get who I really am?"
"When will they just trust me for what I have said?"

There's something striking about presumed endings that are really new beginnings. The ministry of Jesus was about to transition into a world-wide ministry, and even his disciples were missing the point of why He had come.  I think I would be a bag of tears at that point too.

How often do we miss it?  How often do we miss Jesus in our daily lives?  I shudder to think.  That's why we need to go back to the basics of Jesus.  We need to remember that Jesus has deep feelings for us.  Remember.

Remember who He is,
Remember what He has done,
Remember his teaching,
Remember where we are going,
Remember why Jesus.

Remember why Jesus wept.  As He said it will be, it will be just as He said.  Remember He is a man of His word.

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