Friday, July 16, 2010

$34 Wake Up Call

Some of you know that I drink coffee. Since I have to get up early for the morning show on The House FM, it really does help me be more alert and alive. It is accurate to say that I have embraced all things coffee. My brand of choice? Dunkin Donuts. Hazelnut please.

Some say I am spoiled to drink this kind of coffee. I agree, so I am not drinking it anymore. I calculated how much I was spending this special brand every month, and then it happened. I was spending $34+ every month on coffee!!!! How could I good consience do this? Well, I couldn't after God convicted me of it.

Before the mission trip, I sponsored a child from Mission of Mercy. I wasn't sure where the extra funds were going to come from. But now I am. The money I was spending on coffee is now going to sponsor my child with Mission of Mercy. I am glad it is going to something more worth while, something eternal.

You can support an adorable child too. What are you willing to give up? Will you?

P.S. I even wrote a letter to Dunkin Donuts just to let them know. I said, "I love your coffee, Hazelnut, to be specific. I have one problem though. It's too expensive. I have watched the price of your product increase over the years and have embraced it, loved it, and have ingested a million gallons of it. I can't spend $8.00 + every week to support my coffee habit. I am putting my money to better use, like supporting a child in Dominican Republic. I wish you would lower your prices. It's because of this that I am leaving you. Sincerely!"

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