Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring Chain Reaction

I love Spring! I love the sunshine! I love the rain! And when you put the three to results in the growth of grass. Wait...correction....growth of weeds. Right now I have a sea of purple in my yard. Not from the early emergence of the yellow and purple violets smiling back at me or hyacinth peeking through the ground with their inverted grape shaped flower. No... my purple colored yard is found in this formula:

Spring + sunshine + rain+ lack of time to apply a weed killing pre-emergence = my yard.

Because of this volatile combination, I now have to mow my weeds. The henbit has internally combusted. Really?? Mowing in March? Do we really need to go there? Did you forget that I only have a pusher and not a rider? Did you remember that you used to die every time I would take you out for a stroll? Did you forget that if I start mowing you now...that I will have to continue to cut you way past August?

Why I am being a complainer Janice? The henbit is to blame. The sea of cutesy purple flowers are calling my name. Sigh...oh Spring... how I wish you would pause for a month or so. Please?

Have you started mowing your yard yet?

P.S. I am thankful that I have pasture grass and not a yard of dirt. Otherwise most days I would be living in the dust bowl.

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