Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I am a High Maintenance Friend.

I believe that God puts the right people in our path for the right reasons during the right seasons of our spiritual life.  Good friends can bring some good accountability in our Christian walk.  I have friends like that and it helps to get together and talk things over.  

I describe myself as a "high maintenance" friend.  I need accountability, honesty, awareness and reality.  But mostly what I need is an listening ear as I spill my tearful guts.  I need friends to love me..no matter what and regardless.  I need someone to see my potential, not to judge me.  I need someone to invest a little work, sweat equity.  I need someone to hear me.  Most times, as I am saying things out loud, God visually helps me put the pieces of the conversation together like a giant jigsaw puzzle, and yes....there are usually a few pieces missing.  Sometimes I need a BIG cup of coffee to reflect over.

I started thinking about what it takes to be a good friend to someone and the qualities that I look for in a bff.  I came up with this list:

One must make a commitment and invest some time.
One must drop agendas and expect nothing in return.
One must go the distance, even when you don't know the direction.
One must drop the popularity contest on Facebook.
Be willing to communicate fears and failures and willing to wipe away both.
Be open to change, to bring revelations, discover.  
Invest time in studying God's truth of the Bible as THE standard.
To read through the lines, opinions, and clumsy words.
Hold one accountable in whatever the current struggle is.
Listen. Really listen. 

It takes guts to be a good friend, to be my friend.  To be a true friend is a gift of God.  I have high standards.  I am a high maintenance friend.  I disappoint.

Be a good friend today, invest.
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