Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Actions Speak Louder

It's one thing to say I want to lose weight.  It's another thing to do it.  This is not new.  This is not strange.  And this thinking actually applies to all areas of my life.  I am talking about those disciplines that we know we need to do but still don't.

Why don't we?

Change is hard.

Because we think we are not capable?

Because I will sweat like a man?

Bottom line is that I don't take action.  I don't take time to care.  I don't take time.  I don't want to put forth the energy.  I am lazy to the core.  Therefore I don't.

I am overwhelmed.  With everything.  With life.

So when I say I want to get in shape it takes more than just my words.  It takes commitment.  It takes action.  It requires ME to move to go forward to not stand still.

With the return of some poundage, (yes I just said that), I have to evaluate my schedule.  I will have to give up some things to make time for a lot of activities.  I have make a budget of time so that I can spend the precious minutes I have wisely.  I will have to give up some good moments for better moments.  I will have to sacrifice some minutes to invest in myself.  I don't normally do that.

I have to take action.  Actions speak louder.

That is where the problem is. What are your struggles?  Who wants to join me?
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