Monday, July 4, 2011

Music Monday [The Redeemer]

Please my failure blog first.  Because otherwise today's post won't make sense.  You see, I am starting over.  Or so it seems.  I need a second chance because everything around me looks like a wreck.  It's true.  If you ask me if I am ok, I will tell you... "No, I am not.  I am being wrecked by God."  When I hear this song by Sanctus Real I am reminded that God is a God of second chances and third, and fourth and fifth.

Me and Matt Hammitt

The Redeemer
Sometimes I just want to start over
'Cause everything looks like a wreck
And I need the courage to carry on
'Cause I can't see what's ahead

And there are places I've wished I could be
Battles I've wanted to win
Dreams that have slipped through my hands
I may never get back again

But I'm still a dreamer, a believer
Oh, I've lost my faith in so many things
But I still believe in You
'Cause You can make anything new

Sometimes I just wish we could say
All the things that are easy to hear
Ignore the injustice we see
And explain every unanswered prayer

But I'd rather speak honestly
And wear a tattered heart on my sleeve
'Cause in the middle of my broken dreams
Redemption is here

And I'm still a dreamer, a believer
Oh, I lost my faith in so many things
But I still believe in You
'Cause You are the answer, the Redeemer

Oh, I've given up on too many things
But I'm not giving up on You
'Cause You can make anything new

I don't have every answer in life
But I'm trusting You one day at a time
'Cause You can make a weak heart stay alive

This is where heaven and earth collide
I lift my hands and I give my life
This is how my weary heart stays alive

Oh, I'm still a dreamer, still a believer
And You are the answer, the Redeemer
'Cause You can make anything new
Yeah, You can make anything new

There are too many lines in this song to pick out just one.  The whole song speaks to me and where I am right now.  I know God wants to do a new thing in me, and it's really the same thing He has been wanting to do for years.  Some days it feels like I am starting over in my faith journey, but I know never really left.  He wants to do a "new thing" in me. 
Isaiah 43:19 says, "See, I am doing a new thing!  Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?  I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland."  (I LOVE the book of Isaiah, such goodness is packed in there!)
God is making anew a dream in my life.  He is the Redeemer, He can make anything new.  I am trusting Him to jump start this weak heart.  Yes, I am wearing my tattered heart on my sleeve, but in this song I have the promise of God's regeneration.  

What new thing is God calling you too?  Do you need a second chance?
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