Monday, September 19, 2011

Music Monday [Your Love Is a Mystery]

Thanks to Hawk Nelson for putting God's infinite love to words with an upbeat tempo.  We have all made mistakes and feel like we may have stepped over the line of God's grace. In our guilt and shame, we are kept in the truth that God forgives.  He forgives because he loves.  That kind of love is unique, its endless, it's unconditional.  And those three facts make His love a mystery.  

God I messed it up again
I seem to do this all the time
Can you forgive me once again
Or have I finally crossed the line?
They say Your grace is always with me
And You're near me all the time
If that's the case I pray sincerely that Your love is truly blind

The people on the outside watching me follow the crowd
Find a way out
You know something on the inside's pushing me without a doubt
So I'm letting it go

I'm never always right and it's plain to see
You love me Jesus, it's a mystery
You know my faults, You know my wrongs
And You still love me

God I know that you exist
I've been told a thousand times
But my friends they all insist
That the truth is just a lie
You see the lives that they all live
Seems like a party all the time
The temptations I resist
Because it's You I glorify


Let everything that I do or say
Reflect You in every way
Your way

Chorus (X2)

You love me Jesus, it's a mystery (X2)

The mystery is that He knows my faults, all my wrongs, but He still loves me anyway.  That agape love is something only God can do.  We can't fathom it because we aren't capable to love like that.  Human love judges, it's keeps a list of wrongs, and has a hard time forgiving and forgetting.

God's love is greatest.  He loves because He is love.  His love is all we need.
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