Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Rotten Core

This is the apple I had for lunch.  
It looks really great on the outside.

 I was munching and crunching and then ....
I noticed there was something yucky on the inside.  
I don't know if I ate any of the gross stuff.  
I don't want to know.

With a sharp knife, I sliced it open.  
As you can see it gets really gross the deeper it goes.
I stopped eating the apple.

You knew there was going to be a God-reminder in here somewhere.   

Just as I was slicing the apple, God's truth cut straight to mine......
"This is how I see your sin.  
You try to cover it up, you don't want others to know.  
You act like you you have all together, but really on the inside....
you've got some rotten places.  
It's a good thing I love you like I do." 

I like apples especially the Fugi apples.  But now... I slice them open before eating them.  I like to be fully aware of what is lurking near the core.  I made a list of the gross that was lurking near my core too.  It was as pretty as that picture above.  

It's a good thing God loves me like He does. 

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