Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Some Days

I am going to be honest with you.  Some days feel like cottage cheese.  You know the kind of days where nothing seems to go right, or you have to do everything twice, or three times...and you have to back to the store to get the one thing on your list.  Those days when life sucks the life out of you like a vampire.

Yeah, those days...I call them cottage cheese days.  Those are the days when I find myself muddling through the curds of life.  These are days when encouragement is needed...perhaps an extra measure of grace.  

An extra cup of coffee with a friend.

A day where...a smile or a hug goes a long way.

A day where a 4 year old blond headed boy cares enough to share a grape sucker.

These days, an act of kindness speaks volumes.  God's love is shown in simple ways.  A pat on the shoulder indicates..."it's gonna be ok".  A text that shares..."WAY YO GO!!  YOU DID IT!!"

Life is full of those kind of days.  This is the stuff that gets us down.  We have a choice in our perspective towards those kind of cottage cheese days....even when we are caught in the avalanche of life's stuff.

When that bowl of white curds is staring back at you, you need to forget the little things that don't matter and remember the little things that do.  We need to turn our cell phones off.  We need more Jesus and less of us.  We need.  

My best advice?  Just don't give up...the cottage cheese will be gone tomorrow...maybe.  If it isn't...then well there's always the next day.  I can't promise you it's going to get better, but I can tell you that God cares.  

That's all...I wish I could make all your cottage-cheese-filled-days go away.    I can't.  When I figure that out...I would be rich and sponsor every needy child in the world.  In light of that, my perspective on days like this don't look so much like cottage cheese anymore.

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