Friday, April 20, 2012

Five Minute Friday [Wisdom]

Einstein was a genius!

Solomon asked for one thing...wisdom.  
God gave him wisdom more than riches.  

Solomon was sought out by the wise for his wisdom.  
He wrote inspired wisdom in Proverbs.

Wisdom is at the heart of God.

David was wise to seek God's heart.  Wisdom lives there.  
It starts with the fear of the Lord.  See Proverbs 111:10

Wisdom is hidden inside His.

Paul prayed for wisdom and understanding.  Not only for himself but for others. Because he knew where it was kept and experienced it's worth.  
By doing so, he lived a life worthy of the gospel.  
Paul lived a life that pleased God.  
In praying for wisdom, he produced, grew in knowledge and gained strength,faith, trust, endurance, patience, peace, and joy.

Wisdom is knowledge and understanding.  
Seeking wisdom is the wise thing to do.  
Wisdom is relevant, keeps God close and it keeps us close to God.  
It is something to discover, uncover, and recover.  
It calms and restores fractured faith.  

Where is wisdom?  Start in's wise reading.

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