Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Goodbyes and Hellos

Saying goodbye is hard.

Saying goodbye and offering hello can create awkward circumstances. Even though I am one who can talk to complete strangers, it's still hard, good and awkward.

I have the gift of gab. 

I have a hard time saying goodbye. My reasons are that I might enjoy your company, or there are those times when I don't like being alone. And while I say that, I know there are times that I need to be alone.  My ever wandering mind keeps me company most conversations.

If you are wondering if I am one who stands out on my porch and to watch you drive off...yes, I am one of those who linger. I want to remember the good times we have had. I want to stay in those shared moments. I don't want to let go of what you mean to me.

Sometimes I want to look at the past...back in time. I wish time would freeze or stand still. "Oh...remember that time...." yes, those loving memories bind our hearts. When it's a faith building transition, and there is struggle involved, that makes our bond strong. That's when it is especially hard to let go.

I am in a season of goodbyes and hellos.

God wants us to say "goodbye" to some habits, some ideals, some of who the world says we are supposed to be, leftover parts of our hearts. I have to be honest with you...its uncomfortable here in these newly decorated hallways. He's caught me standing still and frozen in time. I was fast becoming a pillar of salt as my neck was straining on past memories. There are seasons in our life in which we have to say goodbye before God can give you a new hello, a new beginning.

I believe the root of the reason of hard goodbyes is a matter of trust. We like to trust our feelings. We like to trust our past to take care of our future, we like to trust in people more than God, and we like to trust in ourselves more than Him. When we transition from goodbyes to hellos, we have to keep our focus on God. This game called life is more about Him than we can really understand, it's certainly not about us. 
Transitions towards His tender heart are my ultimate desire.

If we are hanging onto toxic emotions and habits, then we have no room for change, no room for new beginnings, and no room for God to greet us with His "hello". For God to work, we have to allow Him to give and to take away.

So what do you need to say goodbye to? Is it a misplaced trust? A love replaced? Is it your pride? Toxic emotions you need to expell?

For God to do the work in us, we must be willing to wave goodbye. As our hands are open wide, then and only then, will He do his hello work. We can't receive what He has for us as long as we are clutching to the old, the tired or familiar patterns. We can build on our faith memories and recall His strength to say hello to the new things He has called us to.

Saying goodbye isn't always bad, it can be better. Hello to new beginnings. Say welcome to a new wing of your heart with doors open wide. 
God seasons us as we go through seasons we grow to.

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