Friday, February 8, 2013

Every Day Jesus

Every day is a full menu of things on which to spend your time on and who to spend it with.
Every day is full of choices on the "what matters" menu.
Every day.

What one thing will you do today?

When looking at what I want to choose, I want to be like Mary.  (Luke 10:38-42)

As soon as she walked into the room, she had made her choice.  In fact, there was no choice.  She heard His voice and was drawn to Him.  At His sound, the choice had been made in her heart.  That's where the true battle for "what matters" lies.

Every day.
Every day I have a choice.
I must be choosy in today's time economy.
Time is so short.  Time is so unlimited.  Time clocks our choices every day.

The time menu is full of choices of what matters, what doesn't.  It's all there.  That day when Jesus came to Martha's house, Mary choose.  She chose what mattered.  In her heart, the battle was won.
"If I ever get the chance to be close to Jesus, I will...."

Every day I have the choice to be close to Jesus in my day.  I want to choose wisely and what matters.  I want to align my battle ground with victory.  I have to set my choice daily.  

Every day matters.  

Dear God, may I not be distracted by all the preparations that have to be made every day.  May I choose in today's menu as if it is my last.  May I choose to trust you with my calendar, my ever unyielding task list.  May I choose what matters most.  May I choose You every day.  May I choose the one thing needed.  And Lord, do not take that away.

Every day choose wisely.  The menu is overloaded with choices.  Don't be distracted, don't think spending time with God doesn't matter.  Every day it does.  Every day it will.  

If you don't choose, your every day schedule will choose for you 
and you will land in the land of distractions.  

Mary chose the Better Thing.  Martha wanted the Better Thing but was too distracted to choose it.  Mary saw Jesus and locked eyes with the Best Choice as she sat at His feet.  Martha was jealous of Mary's choice.  Jesus is jealous of my heart choices.  (Exodus 20:5)  May I always chose the Better Thing.

Mary's choice mattered...
she chose what was better...
she chose wisely.

Every day choose the Better Thing.  It's the right choice, time with God matters.  Every day.

Every day Jesus.

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