Saturday, February 16, 2013

Passion Still Burns Bright

I love it when God reminds me of what devotion to the gospel looks like.   It takes me right to the New Testament Church scene every time.

On a tour in India, we made a visit to a local radio studio that is supported by Gospel for Asia and distributes the saving message of Christ.  This effort has been spear-headed by a devoted follower name Dr. Narayan.  His passion for broadcasting is fueled by his compassion for his people.  He is a life that has been changed by the power of radio.

The response to the message of Christ been very encouraging.  Our Father has built His kingdom in 113 languages from searching hearts on hilly landscapes.  Here's the part I love about all of this... Truth has met them right in the middle of their need in their languages and with no compromise.

Dr. Narayan's passion for his faith, combined with communicating hope, is still burning bright.  As he shared his story, my mind swayed back to the grass roots movement of being "on fire" for the good news of Christ with the early New Testament church.   In the face of all odds, in the face of danger for speaking the name of Jesus, in the face of persecution, there has been no compromise...only Truth.  In a culture where most behavior and practices reflects paganism, the good news prevails.

"I never want to lose the heart of God." said Narayan.  "What God has called me for is His heart of compassion - there is no other godly pursuit."  Reaching the listener at a time.

Dear God, may I never lose sight of your heart.
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