Wednesday, February 13, 2013

My Lender Be

Couldn't we all use a hug of grace?
They filed in one by one.  So politely and obedient with their manners packed in the pockets.  Grace was showing.  The children were so excited for VBS day as their smiles gave it away.  Surely they had experienced a Vacation Bible School day before. was obvious that some of them knew of Grace.

On the other end of the room something else was showing.  The tears gently fell as my heart was easily moved.  I leaned into my friend's shoulder and whispered..."How easily our hearts are lent to the things of God."  She nodded silently.  She was moved too.

There was something about their faces that moved me.   It doesn't take much to move my heart in the compassion-mission things of God.  It seems that mine is so easily lent and bent on loving kids.  "May this heart's mission never move."  Then it hit me....I had prayed for them.

Jesus had a deep compassion for people.
His heart was easily lent to love.  His ministry was easily bent on compassion.

In the three short years Jesus dispensed more grace-filled ministry than a church ever thought of, or could plan for.  More than a world wide partnership could ever reap, or the globe could contain.  His heart was and is bigger than all of that.  So when my heart crumbles a little while watching the innocent file in...I shouldn't be surprised.  I had prayed for this bending of my heart.

I pray for His lending.  I pray for His spending.  

As His follower I have to keep praying my eyes  to be open to see the broken, the oppressed, those that need a hand.  And most days God will bring someone to mind to pray for or bring a crossed path to help, or spur a written note or message.  That is an answer that God will always answer with a face or a name.

Couldn't we all use a love touch from Jesus?  Couldn't we all use a touch of  grace  and compassion?

I think back about those precious faces filing in with true joy and it reminds me of His love-bending grace that He gave me from the One who lent His blood.  Even before grace was spent.  Even before my "I need a Savior" prayer. 

Even before....I had prayed for Him to bend down and spend some grace on me.

How could I turn a cold heart to the hurting?  How can I become calloused to the crying?  How could I not be moved by such a single loving Heart?
Jesus was moved.
"When he saw the crowds, he had compassion on them, because they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd."  Matthew 9:36

May I be like the Gentle Shepherd, the Lender of love.
And may my heart be always bent on the things above.
May this be my never ending prayer,
to be the lender of His great love.

Oh the Wonder of God's great love for each of us!
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