Wednesday, July 27, 2011

One Step Closer

Here's an update for you followers on my "take-two-journey" to fitness.  I have lost 4.5 lbs.  Yeah, I know that it is not very much but it's a start.  This represents change.

Some of you may remember change was long overdue.  I needed a jumpstart to every thing positive to get my body and mind back.  I was swirling in a land of failure beyond belief.  So I just started with one small change.  And that is really all it takes is a start.  You may ask, how can it be that simple?  

By making small changes, you can make the first step.  

First, decide you have to make a change.  Then set a plan.  I know that I have to exercise to get into shape.  So I planned out the days of the week that I could exercise and then added a daily challenge goal.  I am no strategic planner or anything like that but it was a way of getting my mind ready to make a change.  I had to put myself on the priority list.  I needed to do something to make my body move.  That for me was one of the big things.  To decide to change.

Next, I pushed myself to make changes.  I put feet to my changes.  My goals looked good on paper and when I told them to others but I needed to put some muscle to them.  I had to push through and fight complacency.  It's true what trainers say, "You can do more than you think you can."  I want to add this..and..."give yourself a chance to change".  

It's one thing to challenge yourself but it's a whole new animal to tackle the changes.  I like accomplishing fitness goals.  But I can also frustrate myself when I don't give myself a chance for change to take effect.  I get impatient and want overnight successes.  In the world of weight loss and fitness, the world turns a little slower than the glass plate in my microwave.  It's a building process.  One step of change leads to another step and then another and then....all of a sudden you have accomplished things you have only dreamed about.  With one change you can accomplish goals you thought weren't ever possible.

So change is good, change is necessary.  And remember change is a step forward.  Foward towards your goals and away from complancy.  I like that.  Forward away from where you were, to where you want to be.  That's progress.  

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