Thursday, February 9, 2012

Just Rest

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I sometimes fight dependence on God like a 14-month-old baby boy before a much needed nap. I don’t share the all worries of my heart with God even though I know He already knows what they are and I know that He really cares about me. In my own self-reliance I am humbled in the awareness that I need Him desperately to just breathe.

I feel like if I am honest with you and with God, I am letting everyone down. But… as His strength is made perfect in my weakness I am being transparent enough to admit that I need God desperately to be me.


…I need to say no to another serving opportunity.

…I need say more words of grace.

…I need to let the dust settle on ideas instead of immediately pushing the launch button.

…I need to take a rest in His Word even more.

…I need to not apologize for my failures.

God, I need rest.

When I’m weary, worn out, and overwhelmed… for reasons that I can’t control or those that I can, I go to God.

God doesn’t grow weary, He doesn’t need rest. God is not the source of my problems but the answer to them. God doesn’t cause my circumstances but He gives me wisdom to journey through them. God doesn’t overwhelm but holds me up when I am.

God is not the originator of the difficult but He serves those times as reminders that I must fall back on His original plan of dependence. His passions are planted deep in my heart…. the cry of the vulnerable and the orphaned, and the message of the gospel.  They are not there to overwhelm, but to bring His perfection in me and to foster dependence.

So in my needy dependence, in my increased awareness of God, I translate this into a call to be even stronger and more courageous as I acknowledge that God is my battle cry. Sometimes I will be silent, sometimes I will blow my horn loud. My important “to-do” is my dependence on Him.

Wisdom tells me I to stay still in His lap.

Wisdom prompts my awareness of my need.

Wisdom tells me that my God never fails.

In my alone-ness, in my darkness, in my pity–parties, in my joy times, God’s presence promises His companionship, strength and courage. His completeness brings rest to my mind, my heart, my soul. And when I make my lists I know I possess the strength of His Spirit. My “nexts” are complete as long as I rely on my God.

I can relax, rest, and recover.

Each of our journeys looks different. Is yours wearing you out?  Are you worn to a frazzle?  God knows this and asks us to rest, rest in Him, and that’s awesome! 

“Do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” Isaiah 41:10 (My new favorite verse!)

Resting in Him is a daunting task. What is God asking of you this year or today?
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