Friday, March 23, 2012

Five Minute Friday - Hope

This week has a theme...and it's hope.  I am thankful that hope anchors, tethers, and connects our souls to God's.  That's not just any foundation but One that is a firm and secure connection, where absolutely nothing can shake it, it's firm and secure.  It is a hope that is so deeply planted in trust that it's woven to God's heart.  Now that it is a viable source I can cling to.  I'll take that hope and throw my hopeful soul anchor deep.   

This week i have needed an extra measure of hope.  I had to wave my white flag of surrender to God about a situation that was way to big for me to handle.  In the wave, I realized that God was indeed waiting for me at the end of my rope, with His arms of grace.   I am leaning with God's hope... on His open, faithful and trusty arms.  Tomorrow still has it own troubles, but Hope is already there too, ready to roll up His sovereign sleeves.
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