Monday, February 20, 2012

Music Monday [Under Fire]

I have a secret addiction to the music of Abandon.  Yeah...I know.... since were you know.  Read the lyrics below and see why.

They try to trip us up
They try to make us doubt
Make us question what this life's about
Our minds are criminal
They try to steal the soul
This moment's pivotal who we chose to follow

We are under fire but we know, we know
The truth in our hearts
We are under fire but we hold, we hold
The proof of who You are
And though we haven't seen Your face
We know that we walk by faith
We are under fire
But it only burns, burns all doubt away
All doubt away

They tell us we're all fools
That our minds are weak
How can we put our hope in someone we can't see
They come with ridicule
To say that You're a fake
But we are not alone, You endured the same

We're chasing what's real
We're chasing what's true
We know it's God
We know it's You
We know it's God
It's got to be You

Sometimes you have to shout it.  No...every time you need to shout about your faith. Always be ready to give an answer to the hope that you have found in Jesus Christ.  Whether you are aware of it or not...the world is hurting, and searching for answers.  Do you have hope?  It can only be found in Jesus.  It's real, it's true.  

Don't let the popular sway you.  Don't be drowned by doubt because your feelings tell you something different.  Be strong in your faith and continue your commitment to the gospel.  Live your faith like it is real.  Be a God chaser.  

Do you come under fire for your faith?  
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