Thursday, May 23, 2013

Monday storms remind me of what I love

I had many other thoughts I had written for this week but when a storm rolls in on a Monday, and brings me undone before God, sometimes my writing will take a different direction.

There's nothing in this world that I have seen better than community the rises out of adversity.  It quickly becomes the common bond in which we share as believers or neighbors.

What a Monday storm reminds me:

a weather event can still be deadly
a storm can surprise us
a tornado can bring unpredictable death

that we can't take today or tomorrow for granted
that we need to be kinder to each other
that you really never know about your next breath

that stress brings out the worst in people
that storms bring out the best in people
that storms in life brings people to their knees

that there is life after death if you believe in Jesus
that we hurt people with our calloused words
that we don't say "I love you" enough

that we are selfish by nature
that we don't talk to our neighbors
that we get attached to stuff

that in a matter of 16 minutes we can have our entire lives displayed on national television
that a tornado can splinter our spirits
that a loss of life can make us become undone before a mighty God

that death happens outside of storms
that we still need each other
that community happens in our hearts when we pray

we are stronger than we think we are
we have to say goodbye sooner than we think
when innocence dies it still hurts

that we don't talk to God enough
that we don't worship God enough
that we don't thank God enough

But mostly what a Monday or any day reminds me of is that I still need God.  Desperately.

If you have made it this far, please know that you matter.
If you are family know that I love you.
If I call you friend, know that I love you too.
God knows that I love Him most.

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